FLORAL DREAM IN RED / by Petra Borner



FLORAL DREAM IN RED is a one of a kind, Giclee print which will be made available for purchase from UNLIMITED in Brighton, as part of the WOMEN'S MARCH exhibition.

The event is inspired by the centenary of votes for Women and coincides with International Women’s Day. Selected for the group show at UNLIMITED, are an amazing array of contemporary designers, illustrators and artists who have created one-off artworks championing women.

Participating Artist's:

Supermundane, Dave Towers, Paul Thurlby, Rupert & Abi Meats (Rude), John Bond, Anna Kövecses, Maria Rivans, Steph Burnley (Bonnie & Clyde), Chris Bigg, Virginie Morgand, Esther Cox, Lucie Sheridan, Lucy Sherston, David Buonaguidi, Imogen Owen, Faye Moorhouse, Anna Lindsten, Marcelina Amelia, Jennifer Bouron, Olivia Waller, Andy Altmann (Why Not Associates), Dan Walters (See Creatures), Joanne Hummel-Newell, Jacqueline Colley, Patrick Morrissey (Unlimited), Camilla Perkins, Nik Hall Design, Robert Sae-Heng, Kirsty Thomas (Tom Pigeon), RockCakes, Pea Crabtree (Lucky Budgie), Anthony Peters (Wow & Flutter), Katie Mac (La Shuks), Richard Horne (El Horno), Charlotte Farmer, Petra Börner, Lucinda Ireland, Sunny Todd Prints, Johanna Olk, Tidy Print, Daisy Emerson, Andy Stevens (GTF), Stuart Tolley (Transmission), Citizen Skwith, Ana Jaks and Charlotte Ager.

WOMEN'S MARCH Private View: Thursday 8th March, 6 – 8.30pm
WOMEN'S MARCH exhibition will run at Unlimited from 8th – 31st March.

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