NUDE IN PAN & THE DREAM I / by Petra Borner


Petra Börner have contributed a series of new work to the first Edition of Pan & The Dream Magazine, The Emperor's New Clothes.

Sensual and elegant, Pan & The Dream’s first volume concerns itself with the naked form.
It is not nudity in and of itself that is interesting, but rather the context and the message which the image carries. Each artist portrays the nude differently, however they all respond to the question of nudity in art and its suppression in the mediatized world.  

With a foreword by Nick Knight and perspectives from over 60 artists, it is evident that there is no definitive way to interpret a nude.

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Florence Andoka writes about Pan & The Dream Magazine, Issue Nr 1 in

"Pan & The Dream Magazine leaves above all room for the image, whether chic, vulgar, exciting, melancholic, hand-made or virtuoso, so we can easily imagine the time it took for the team to survey the galleries, journals, instagrams of the globalized world. It is about artists with a link to fashion, but not only. The drawn, photographed and painted bodies are not only an ideal to diffuse but rather a field of multiple explorations. There are Petra Börner's loving bodies, turgid and hairy in the center, the languid bodies in the seaside rest of Stephen DiRado, the heavy and ceruse bodies of Nadav Kander, the pink bodies of Nickie Zimmov, Brad Bealmer and Colette Saint Yves." 

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  Photographs ©Paul Belford 2017

Photographs ©Paul Belford 2017