The cover artwork for The Plant Messiah, by Carlos Magdalena, was created in layers of paper and captures a tropical scene in search for the very rare plants still waiting to be discovered or brought back from extinction.

The collaboration on the 'Magdalena' pattern and book jacket marks the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between Petra and Kew Gardens, more will be revealed this Autumn.

Carlos Magdalena is Botanical Horticulturist in the Tropical Nursery at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, an international lecturer, and Chairman of the International Waterlily & Water Gardens Society. He is renowned for his unique skills as a plant propagator who is saving the world's rarest plants.





Friday 30th June to Sunday 2nd July 2017

Original Petra Börner work will be available during the Fashion Illustration Gallery Art Fair (Edition 2)

The Shop at Bluebird, 350 King’s Road, Chelsea SW3 5UU         

Opening Times 10am-7pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm

Also participating: Helen Bullock, Gill Button, Amelie Hegardt, Velwyn, Blair Breitenstein, Monique Baumann, David Downton, Frida Wannerberger, Rosie Mc Guinness, Richard Haines, Cecilia Carlstedt, Stephene Manel, Annabel Briens, Cary Kwok, Tanya Ling and Luke Edward Hall

See you there!


NECKLACE NR 2 by Petra Borner


This artwork is now available as a print in a Limited Edition of 300.

This work was originally painted in ink on paper and was created as part of a series celebrating colour, fashion & beauty.

Petra Börner Illustration & Mirto by Petra Borner


I'm very excited to present Mirto, the new homeware collection I have produced in collaboration with Made.

The artworks for the collection were created in my own style, which have been cropped into to create a bold and vibrant mood for Spring/ Summer '17. The textile range feature almost abstracted floral patterns and colour blocks on cushions and a rug, in this new collaboration with

The collection has a tactile quality and a lush depth, mirroring the original artworks with it's presence of the hand made. The materials are strong and durable, using traditional printing screen printing methods, staying true to the essence of the original design. The artworks were initially cut in layers of paper, using scalpel and then rendered into appropriate media for screen-printing and tufting techniques.

'When we try new trends, we like to go for it. We wanted floral patterns for our cushions but not the small, quaint kind. We went large - courtesy of Swedish designer Petra Börner. Petra designed this collection with bold, abstract patterns - that’s her signature style. She created a floral pattern and zoomed right into it, so that every detail is magnified.' Made

Mirto is now available in store and online here.



Petra Börner Illustration & Venus by Petra Borner


Petra Börner will be showcasing original artwork Venus in The Hothouse, a group exhibition featuring works inspired by a love of all things verdant in Unlimited, Brighton.

The event will feature artwork and design by Lucie Sheridan, Kitty McCall, Touching Elbows, Hvass & Hannibal, Severine Dietrich, Tom Abiss Smith, Jessica Ford, Atelier Stella and Lenneke Wispelwey 1-31 May 2017.

Venus is inspired by the Orchid season at Kew Gardens and is cut in layers of paper. It is also available as a print in a limited edition.

Limited Edition Gallery

Petra Börner illustration & Gruppen by Petra Borner


Petra Börner creates the artwork for the book cover of Gruppen, the Swedish edition of Mary McCarthy's classic novel. Cut in layers of paper the illustration capture the daisy- chain intrigues between the characters set within an abstracted city-scape. 

When the novel was first published in 1963, The Group rapidly became a book that everyone read without wanting to admit it. Its frank descriptions of sex, contraception and breast-feeding as they affected a group of eight female graduates in 1930s America caused such a scandal that the novel was banned in Australia as an offence to public morals.

Cover Design by Daniel Sandström, Published by Albert Bonniers Förlag

Petra Börner Illustration & Figs by Petra Borner


Petra Börner created the artwork for the first Swedish editions collecting Edward St Aubyn's series of five classic novels. The motif of the figs, featuring on the covers represent the emerging, developing and ongoing struggle central to the life of the main character, Patrick Melrose's. The figs first appear in dark tones and brighten into more hopeful hues on the second  volume.

The motif 'Figs' is available as a print in a Limited Edition.

Cover Design by Daniel Sandström, Published by Albert Bonniers Förlag

Petra Börner Illustration & Jocasta by Petra Borner



Petra Börner Illustrates the book cover for Children of Jocasta, inspired by greek mythology the illustration is created in lush colours, boldly cut in layers of paper. In Children of Jocasta, Natalie Haynes reimagines the Oedipus and Antigone stories from the perspectives of two of the women who have often been overlooked; retelling the myth to reveal a new side of an ancient story.

Jocasta is just fifteen when she is told that she must marry the King of Thebes, an old man she has never met. Her life has never been her own, and nor will it be, unless she outlives her strange, absent husband. Ismene is the same age when she is attacked in the palace she calls home. Since the day of her parents' tragic deaths a decade earlier, she has always longed to feel safe with the family she still has. But with a single act of violence, all that is about to change.

Cover design by Ami Smithson, Published by panmacmillan